Adult Sunday School Classes (10 – 10:45 AM)

Faithweavers 1st Floor Education Building – The Adult Faithweavers class follows the same curriculum as the elementary Sunday School classes, on a more adult level.  This encourages families to share their faith with each other through a shared set of scripture verses and themes.  This class is wonderful for families with elementary school-aged children.

Pathfinders 3rd Floor Conference Room – This class watches a video series from a variety of Bible teachers and discusses them together as a class.

New Beginnings Sunday School The Chapel – This class is committed to teaching God’s Word and celebrating the places it has borne fruit in everyday life.  This class also commits to praying for one another and strengthening relationships with one another and Jesus Christ.

Fellowship Hall Sunday School Fellowship Hall – This class is discussion-based, looking closely at the Bible and how it relates to our daily lives.

Walk Through the Bible Bride’s Room behind the Sanctuary – This class conducts a thorough study of one book of the Bible at a time.  Rather than quickly moving through a book and getting just a few highlights, we read every verse.  We believe by studying in this manner, one can start to see the multi-faceted love God had for His children then, just as He has for us now.

Next Generation 3rd Floor Education Building, Room 301 – This interactive class is geared for 20-30-somethings who are interested in discussing how the Bible shapes the way we view and live in the world.  Among the topics being discussed:  how to live our FPCOS mission – “To know Christ and to make Christ known together”; the Bible as the source of Truth; why the road to life is narrow and hard; the work of the Holy Spirit and 1 Timothy.

Adult Sunday Night Classes (5 – 6 PM)

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth 3rd Floor Conference Room – Kick off the New Year right and commit to reading through the Bible this year!  And that’s a resolution we can help you keep!  Don’t get stuck in the book of Numbers anymore!  Stop wondering what ESV, NIV, KJV and NLT mean!  Learn a practical approach to reading through the Bible, as Pastor Jon leads this class based on the book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth.  Grow deeper in your love and knowledge of scripture!

Open Fellowship – Greg and Joanna Worch’s house (across Ocean Ave. from the church) – This is an opportunity for folks to get to know one another better through fellowship and breaking bread together.

Bible Studies

Thursday/Friday Bible Study  Thursdays from 6:30 – 8 PM and Fridays from 9 – 11 AM, Fellowship Hall – Each class is for both men and women, and a person may switch between classes if needed because the two classes will be at the same point on the syllabus each week.  Taught by Edna Shaw, this class has begun a new Bible study with 1 and 2 Kings.

Women’s Bible Study  – Tuesdays, 3rd Floor Conference Room, 10 – 11:30 AM – Cindy Rawlings leads the Tuesday morning group through a variety of studies in the fall and spring.

Men’s Fellowship –  Every other Thursday, 6 – 8 PM, Harbor House – All men in the church are invited to this time of food, fellowship and Bible Study.  Frank Rawlings leads this group through a variety of studies, deepening our relationship with Jesus and knowledge of the Bible.

Presbyterian Women Second Tuesdays (9: 30 AM and 6:30 PM) and Wednesdays (9:30 AM) every month, off campus – All women of the church are invited to the Circle Meetings, a time for Bible Study and fellowship.  Various women of the church host the meetings at their houses.