Many people were blessed in 2015 with their time spent in the Word of God.  In an effort to help you fulfill First Presbyterian Church’s mission, “to know Christ and to make Christ known together,” the Berean Challenge is continuing in 2016!

The Berean Challenge is a Bible reading program to encourage you to spend time with the Lord each day by reading the Old or New Testament, the whole Bible or any number of reading plans in 2016.  Remember, the point is to bring the Bible into your life every day!

As you consider goals and resolutions for 2016, here are three simple ways you can make the Bible a daily part of your life:

1.  Find your #Verse2016.  Choose one verse that you can focus on throughout 2016.  Invite it into your life, display it and share it with people you know.

2.  Commit to a Bible Plan.  This has helped so many in our community make God’s Word a daily part of their life.  Start with a short, 20- or 30-day devotional.  Build your confidence by completing your first plan.  Then do another.  Plans can be found through YouVersion.

3.  Share the Word.  Invite family and friends to read with you.  Help them get the Bible App, show them how to sign up for the plan you’re using, then discuss what you’ve read.  Inspire others by sharing what you’re reading in emails, texts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  God’s Word comes alive in community (Heb. 4:12).

If you are interested in participating in the Berean Challenge, please download The Berean Challenge Form, complete it and return it by faxing it to (888) 698-3334 or e-mailing it here.  You may also return it to the church office or put it in the offering plate on Sunday.  If you would like the Berean Challenge Bible Book Markers for 2016, you may download them here.