The FPCOS Church Library is located on the third floor of the Education Building and is always open and available to our church family.  The Library is only closed on Sundays during the Sunday School hour when a class is taking place.

Please feel free to browse through our materials and check them out from the library with these two easy steps!

STEP 1:  Write your name and today’s date on the book card found with the item.

STEP 2:  Place the book card in the front of the wooden tray!

SUGGESTED CHECK-OUT PERIOD:  2-3 weeks (all items)


You may browse our catalog by AUTHOR, TITLE or SUBJECT by clicking on the appropriate link above.  Each file is arranged alphabetically by AUTHOR, TITLE or SUBJECT, respectively.  Keywords can be searched by using the “CTRL+F” function in each file.  Our library team is working on completing a full catalog of approximately 1,600 items in our collection.  The above catalogs show only a portion of our total collection and will be updated on a regular basis.

Catalogs are current as of May 3, 2016.



Click on the + signs below to read more about the selection and gift policies for the Library at First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs.

The FPCOS Church Library Selection Policy

The Library of First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs establishes these policies to ensure that the highest aspirations of our faith are met in the nature and quality of the materials selected for the collection.

All materials are subject to approval by the library team (Church Librarian and helpers) and church leadership (Session and Christian Education Committee) with the Church Librarian carrying the principal responsibility for selection of library materials.

  • This policy is applied to all library materials (print and non-print), regardless of formats.
  • This policy is applied to all library materials, regardless of procurement method (purchased or by donation).
  • All library materials will be of sound doctrine and scriptural interpretation.  Materials should nurture the believer, proclaim the Gospel, and call us to minister and to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • A primary focus of the collection will be to support church programming.  The collection will include Bibles (various translations), Bible studies, doctrine, Biblical ethics, Christian life, spiritual development, evangelism, witnessing, prayer, stewardship, worship, church membership, church music, church administration, special ministries, missions, church history, Presbyterianism and comparative studies of other denominations and religions.  Titles related to other denominations and religions must be factual and objective in content.
  • Library materials selected will be related to the personal interests and concerns of various ministries, staff and members of all ages.
  • The collection should have high literary and technical quality, constructive in influence, morally sound and support our belief in positive development of the individual and Christian lifestyles.
  • Personal lifetime concerns, such as family, marriage, childcare and rearing, discipline, characteristics and problems of aging, substance abuse, interpersonal relationships, and personal improvement.
  • Leisure materials on recreation, sports, cooking, health, travel, gardening, hobbies and other special interests, such as fiction, poetry and the arts.
  • Educational materials in psychology, history, geography, biography, non-fiction and other areas.
  • Materials in print and non-print formats, such as Biblical commentaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs and atlases will be kept current and relevant for each age group.

Materials will be selected with the characteristics of our church community in mind, which will determine our general collection choices:  age, culture, locale, educational background, spiritual maturity, denominational background, special interests and needs.

The FPCOS Church Library Gift Policy

Gifts to the library are welcomed and encouraged.  Donations are subject to the selection policy developed by the library team and adopted by church leadership.  Monetary gifts are credited through the church financial system and authorized for expenditure by the budgetary process.  Gift letters will be provided upon request for donations of library materials or monies.

  • Financial gifts are preferred for the purchase of new library materials or furnishings.
    • Donors are encouraged to work with the library team to select a needed and appropriate gift.
    • For convenience, gifts may be selected from a needs list of library materials or furnishings.
  • All gifts of pre-owned print or non-print materials must meet the same standards as purchased items and must be in good physical condition.
  • Donations of print and non-print materials become the property of First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs.  Gifts will not be accepted with stipulations for their use or disposition.

The collection of the Library of First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs is continually reviewed and each item is evaluated as to its current value in meeting the needs of our users.  Space must always be available to house quality library material that will best benefit our church ministries, staff and members.

Please feel free to contact our church librarian to suggest items to be added to the collection, for help in finding library materials or if you have any reference questions.