Giving is a major theme throughout the scriptures. From Cain and Abel’s gifts in Genesis 4 to the casting down of crowns before the throne in Revelation 4, the scriptures teach that giving generously is an act of faith and worship. I have been humbled by the generosity of this congregation as I have served it over the last 10 years. Of these last 10 years, 2019 has been our tightest financial year as generous designated giving to the building fund has greatly impacted our general fund. At 75% of our calendar year, our giving was only at 55% of our budget.


The Giving Together In Faith team is launching the Give Your Biggest Gift campaign to encourage end-of-year giving. As we approach Advent, we consider God’s biggest gift to us in Jesus Christ and we look to the Magi and the sacrifice they made to bring costly gifts to the one who had been born as the greatest gift to us all. As you consider the gifts you might give as we approach a season of generosity, consider giving your biggest gift as an act of worship befitting our King.


Click below to GIVE YOUR BIGGEST GIFT online or text GIFT to 228-206-5391 to contribute!