Join us in helping Michele Harris provide needed items for our friends in Haiti!

Michele Harris will be heading back to Haiti next month to continue her mission work.  If you feel led to help this ministry, Michele has given us a list of items that they could use in Haiti.  You may drop off any of the following items to the church office by 9 AM on Wednesday, March 1.  Please note – the church office will be closed on Tuesday, February 28.

Clothing (may be used, but in good condition)
– Boys’ clothing – sizes 7-14
– Young men’s clothing – shirts (medium) and pants (waist 28-30)
– Infant clothing and blankets for mothers’ gift bags
– Girls’ clothing – sizes 4-5
– Girls’ clothing – size 12
– Young ladies’ clothing – sizes 7-10 (junior and misses sizes)
– Men’s clothing – pants (waist 28-30), dress shirts (neck size 15-15.5), shirts (medium)
– The kids at In Jesus’ Name like to dress up for church.  Shorts and long pants are welcome for the boys – there are 12 boys ages 13-18 and 1 boy age 6.  The six girls love dresses – they are ages 12-18.

The clinics are always in need of the following:
– Triple antibiotic ointment
– Benadryl tablets
– Anti-fungal ointment
– Vitamins
– Children’s Tylenol
– Adult Tylenol
– Ibuprofen
– Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo
– Dial Yellow Bar soap
– Visine eye drops

They are always in need of electronic items such as old, cleaned computers, unlocked cell phones and any kind of cords for charging phones and electronics.

Here is a letter to the church from Michele, outlining her upcoming trip.  Please remember her in your prayers as she serves our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Haiti.

Dear Church Family,

I will be leaving for Haiti March 4-22.  I truly appreciate your prayers and support.  I thought I would share with you the objectives for the trip.  We try to assist the Christians who are working in Haiti to make a difference.  The needs in Haiti are great and progress is limited.  I work with Healing Hearts, which was started by my nurse friend, Debi Lemmert.  A small group of nurses led by Debi determine the projects and set the agenda.  Many of the volunteers and supporters worked with Samaritan’s Purse during 2010-2014 and are familiar with the work in Haiti.  The projects for this trip in March 2017 are:

– Assist with starting a prenatal program at Oneville, which is located in Canaan (a settlement formed after the earthquake. Pop – 250,000)
– Assist with starting a high blood pressure clinic
– See patients and work the ER as needed
– Present staff education seminar

– Continue with Blessings International Project
– Visit Haitian orphanages
– Track growth and development, provide vitamins and albendazole, treat acute problems

Island of LaGonave
– Teaching assistance for nursing students
– School clinics
– Acute care facility

In Jesus’ Name Orphanage
– Visit 17 children there.  Assess needs and progress

Joel’s Orphanage
– Visit Sabadan and assess needs and progress

TyToo Orphanage
– Visit Reginald Moise Ashley