Helping Hands is a ministry designed to bless those who seek out FPCOS in times of difficulty. Our goal is not only to offer financial assistance to those in need but to address spiritual, emotional and relational needs as well.

The Process

Helping Hands is designed to meet the needs of people in Ocean Springs who do not have a church home.  There is a detailed application that you will need to fill out so that we can assess your needs. This application will include pertinent financial information such as income, debt and expenses. All seeking assistance through Helping Hands will be required to come to at least one worship service and Sunday school with a member of the ministry team. We do encourage the whole family to be a part of that worship service if at all possible. After the applicant has worshipped with us, they will meet with one of the pastors and the ministry team as we discern how best to help.

If you or someone you know is in need of help, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with the Helping Hands Ministry Team. Call the church office for more details about this exciting ministry.

Click here to download our Helping Hands application.

If any church member would like to participate in any way with Helping Hands either through a designated gift or volunteering with the ministry team, contact the church office to learn more about how you can help!