Church Officers

FPCOS Elders

Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Russell AllmanGregg BrayClay Brown
Rebekah CunninghamBill HennesseyKeith Clayton
Lynne DavisShirley MartinChris Lewis
Lane FolkersMike West
Kirk HalsteadGreg Worch



FPCOS Deacons

Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Don BullockSylvia BoscoDavid Brown
Ben ClarkKaren ChewningTina Folkers
Debera DawkinsAlex GreshamAmon Holcomb
Ross GrimmZac PedenMargaret Hurt
Wilma JacksonOliver PreusBill Patrick
Kyle PalmerSonya WhiteKaren Saffle
Vance WilliamsEmily Satterfield
Maritza Vera



FPCOS Trustees

Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Frank RawlingsBuddy BakerJulie Scruggs

The Officer Nominating Committee nominates Church Officers (Elders, Deacons and Trustees) by receiving suggested names of members from the congregation, prayerfully preparing a slate of Church Officer nominees, and then presenting the nominees to the congregation for election at a congregational meeting.


BOARDS OF CHURCH OFFICERS:  The Session, composed of Elders, as the ruling body of the congregation, is responsible for spiritual and administrative leadership.  The Diaconate, composed of Deacons, leads the church in service ministries (the word “deacon” means servant), and the Board of Trustees conducts the corporate and legal matters of the church at the request of the Session.


QUALIFICATIONS FOR OFFICE:  The qualifications for Elder and Deacon are found in Scripture and the EPC Book of Order.


TERMS OF SERVICE AND ELIGIBILITY:  Church Officers for these boards are elected for a three-year term of service.  After serving one term or two consecutive terms on the same board, a Church Officer is ineligible for re-election on the same board for one year, but is eligible to serve on another board.  Two immediate family members may not serve on the Session at the same time, and two immediate family members may not serve on the Diaconate, but one may serve on the Session and the other on the Diaconate at the same time.  “Immediate family member” is defined as a brother, sister, wife, husband, child or parent.


PROCEDURE TO SUGGEST NAMES:  Members of the congregation are asked to pray about choosing Church Officers and recommend names to the Officer Nominating Committee when requested.