When we had the FPCOS emblem designed, it was important to us that it captured two things.  First, we wanted it to connect with our core beliefs and practices.  Second, we wanted it to capture the exciting work God is doing in our midst.

Core Beliefs and Practices

The outer “circle” of our emblem can represent the category of God (theology), the Church (community) or the individual (commitment).  Each “leaf” within the emblem points to a particular aspect of that category.

Scroll over each section of our emblem below to see what it represents.

(Smartphone and Tablet Users:  Click here to view our interactive graphic and tap each section of our emblem to see what it represents.)

God’s Work in Our Midst

Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a mustard seed that started small but grew into a great plant.  We are a church growing in both depth and breadth.  The budding image at the heart of our emblem captures the unfolding growth of God’s kingdom at FPCOS.