Adult education at First Pres is centered on our mission as a church: to know Christ and make Christ known together. To that end, we offer a wide variety of Faith Foundations classes and Bible studies that meet people where they are in life in order to equip them to know Jesus through Scripture and to take that knowledge and apply it to our lives. Each class and study has its own focus and personality, so it’s good to try a few out to get a sense of different topics and people who participate. Each class welcomes new folks to join in the conversations to better know Jesus through Scripture and His church family.


Sunday is a significant day of worship and adult education, but there are several midweek studies to connect with, for men and women. In addition, FPCOS has a diverse small group ministry that we call Vital Groups. Vital Groups are designed for people to deepen relationships with Jesus and one another through Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. Vital Groups are a great way to experience intentional Christian community centered on Jesus and focused on ministering to one another. These groups meet during the week for an hour and a half to two hours and most groups meet in the homes of one another. Childcare is arranged by the various groups.