The mission of the Harbor (the youth ministry of FPCOS) is to develop a community of students growing in discipleship of Jesus Christ through unconditional love, in relationship with one another and the church and in service to others, equipped to serve in the world. Why?


Our students face a number of challenges in today’s culture that is continually trying to redefine who we are and what our purpose is. As our culture continues to become more secular, it is easy for our students to begin to drift spiritually and become apathetic to Jesus. Our world is successfully shaping what students experience and believe concerning friendships, relationships, academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, and social media, among other things.


We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ speaks compellingly and beautifully into each of these. The purpose of youth ministry, then, is to bring the gospel to bear in the lives of our students. This happens most dynamically through relational ministry that is people-oriented, not program-oriented. The church seeks to disciple and train up our students through regular, intentional contact that is rooted in the truth of the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ. We also recognize that the most effective discipleship starts with parents and is then further supplemented by the church.


Here are a few of the regular ways that we execute this ministry to our Junior High (6th-8th) and High School (9th-12th) students:


Faith Foundations – We study through a three-year curriculum called the Gospel Project that seeks to present the Bible for what it is: a broad scope of the redeeming work of God through the person of Jesus throughout the entire Bible.


Youth Group – Here, students gather with their peers for worship through music, teaching, and fellowship around food and games.


Small Groups – We break down students by gender and age to provide a more intimate setting that focuses on prayer and on gospel dialogue (as opposed to monologue) as it applies to the various areas of life.